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Why Print Your Photos With Us?

Don’t just take it from us, hear it from people who have tried many other printing services and have found prints from Crafted Prints to be head and shoulders above the rest.

“Probably the best online printing company I’ve tried, and I’ve tried a LOT. ”
- Lindsey Allen
Thick premium prints so good you won’t want to let go of them.
Print photos from your Instagram, Facebook or devices.
“Anyway, you guys know those photo printing companies that are all floating around? They can be pretty great-- but in my past experience, the quality is iffy at best (…) the photo quality (for Crafted Prints) has seriously been incomparable. They're SO good. A nice heavier card stock with great clear photos. ”
- Andrea Duclos

Photo By Andrea Duclos
“I've done quite a bit of printing at different places over the years and I'm seriously impressed with the quality of these prints I have.”
- Holly Jean
Setting us apart from traditional and other online printing services is the top-quality coated paper we print your photos on as well as our premium matte/glossy lamination finish. We go the extra mile to make sure you get the best of both worlds, thick beautiful prints that look amazing even up-close and a premium finish that not only feels great to hold but also provide added proection. Check out our Square, Vintage, Digital and Mini-Digital prints!
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So What's The Difference?

For a start, the quality of instant photos will never be comparable to other photos prints. There's a reason why it's instant! Traditional photo prints look fantastic but unless you are willing to pay a premium price, they are generally printed on thinner paper without post-treatment for a premium finish. Recently, there are also online printing services that cater to Instagram users. At best, they are thick prints that are mass-printed resulting in poorer print quality that are easily scratched.

Here at Crafted Prints, we put in the extra effort to print your photos and apply an exclusive lamination finish to give your prints a premium look and feel. It might take longer and cost more, but we believe that your favorite memories and photos only deserve the best.

Photographers Love Us!

It gives us great pride when professional photographers print their photos with us and tell us how much they love them!

Get Creative!

There are countless DIY projects you can use your printed photos in and our prints are perfect due to our matte lamination protection. Also fantastic for events such as weddings and birthdays! If you are looking to just display your photos, check out our Accessories section for simple and adorable ways to display your favourite photos!

Photo By Andrea Duclos

Can you spot our prints? ;) Photo By Lindsey Allen

Turn Your Photos Into Thick, Reflective, Gorgeous Magnets!

Everyone loves thick and reflective magnets and so do we! Many websites offer Instagram and photo magnets that are thin and flimsy. Why? Cause it’s easier to make them and less costly to print and ship. But here at Crafted Prints, we go the extra mile to make products we want ourselves. Our photo magnets are thick and reflective with a metal backing. So beautiful to look at, you have to see them for yourselves to believe it!