Ordering Your Prints

We hope this short guide will be helpful if you encounter any trouble ordering your prints or magnets. Do let us know if anything is confusing or if you feel there is something else we should add to this guide. Thank you!

If you encounter problems with the buttons or if nothing happens when it should, please refresh the page to try again as it might not have loaded correctly.

Step 1: Selecting Your Prints

For Square and Vintage prints, you can select the quantity of prints you would like to order while for Square prints, you can also choose the size you prefer. Our magnets currently only come in sets of 6.


Step 2: Uploading Your Photos

Click on the icons shown above to upload your photos from your Instagram, Facebook or device respectively.


Step 3: Your Uploaded Photos

Your uploaded photos will be displayed as shown above. You can click on the respective icons again to toggle between the photos from your Instagram, Facebook or device. Please do not navigate away from this page as any progress will not be saved.


Step 4: Selecting & Editing Your Photos

Click on a photo to select it (For mobile device users, please tap twice). You can then mouse over the photo to:
a ) choose the quantity of prints you want for that photo
b) crop the photo by clicking on the "pencil" icon,
c) deselect the photo.


Step 5: Cropping Your Photos


For uploaded photos from your Facebook account or device, you will be able to crop them. We will print your orders based on your cropped photos.


Step 6: Select & Count Your Photos


There is an orange box on the right side of the respective webpages that indicate the number of photos you have selected so far.


Step 7: Confirm Your Photos


Once you are done selecting you photos, click on the "Confirm Selected Photos" button. Please make sure you have selected and cropped all your photos correctly as you will not be able to edit them after clicking on this button. You will then be brought to a confirmation screen where you can add your prints to the shopping cart.

Extra Tips

  • + To upload multiple photos from your device at the same time, simply drag and drop the photos onto the webpage.

  • + Photos uploaded via your Instagram and Facebook, or photos taken using your camera phones are generally sufficiently large. As a guide, uploaded photos should be larger than 600 x 600.

  • + If you are still encountering problems uploading your photos, email them to us at design@craftedprints.com and we will process them for you manually.

  • + If you would like to order more prints or magnets than the options available, please add your current selection to the shopping cart and then proceed to add your 2nd set.